Supergirl Season 2, Episode 3 Review: “Welcome to Earth”

The episode starts where it ended last time, with the mysterious alien waking up. Shocked at where he is, he attacks Kara and escapes from the DEO. Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he an enemy or an ally?

So we all know who the President is played by, (Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter). It is cool to see that Supergirl is a fan of The President of the United States, especially for the fact that she is about to introduce the “Alien Amnesty Act”, where all aliens will able to live freely in the country without fear of prosecution and discrimination.

However, there is one alien who isn’t too happy about this, who attempts to kill the President when she arrives in National City. Thankfully, Supergirl is there to save the day. We do learn later on that the Alien does not approve of the Amnesty act because she feels it is just another way of having “Alien Registration”.

We later learn that the rogue Alien is just trying to get home when he is captured by Supergirl and the DEO. Supergirl seems to be familiar with the Planet that the Rogue Alien is from, Daxam, which we learn was a “Sister Planet” to Krypton. We also learn that, the two planets did not like each other very much since there was a war going on that ended in casualties for both sides.

This leads Supergirl to assuming that the Alien was the one who attacked the President and interrogates him. He tells her that he didn’t do it and just wants to “phone home”, although we later learn that Daxam too was affected when Krypton exploded and that he is the last son of Daxam.

Meanwhile at work, Kara is given the task of interviewing Lena Luthor about the new “Alien Detection” device that is being developed by L Corp. For obvious reasons, Kara is fearful of this device being made available for the public as it would indeed expose her identity as an alien and more concerning, as Supergirl.

At the conclusion of the episode, we learn that the President is, anybody? That’s right, an Alien in disguise. What does this mean for the show? We’ll have to wait and see. Also we learn that Martian Manhunter will have a somewhat, redefining story going forward.

Episode score: 8/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below and hit that like button.

Later, Peeps!!!


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