The Flash Season 3, Episode 4 Review: “The New Rogues”

This might be my favourite episode of The Flash to date. It had everything from finally introducing the fan favourite “Mirror Master” portrayed by Grey Damon, and his partner in crime “Top, portrayed by Ashley Rickards, to searching the multiverse and more Killer Frost sneak peeks. And in case anyone did not know this, it also happened to be the 50th episode of The Flash. And what a way to celebrate half a century, and here’s to 50 more.

The episode begins with a flashback to the night of the particle acceleration explosion where we meet Sam Scudder and Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon. Scudder and Dillon are in Leonard Snart’s team, (Captain Cold is back, yay) and they are unhappy with all his rules. A fight breaks out before it is interrupted by the particle accelerator explosion leaving Scudder nowhere to be found.

In the present day, Scudder reappears from a mirror and is out to settle a score with Snart, breaking his former partner out from prison in the process. This revelation leads to a hilarious “battle” between Cisco and Harry when the latter is able to give Mirror Master his name. We also get a reference to the Earth 2 Mirror Master, Evan McCulloch. We also learn that Dillon was also affected by the accelerator explosion and is able to induce vertigo in others.

Meanwhile in Barry’s dating life, Barry and Iris are having a romantic dinner when they are interrupted by Joe, whom Barry is reluctant to express his affections for Iris in front of. Luckily for Barry, during an awkward West family movie night, Barry is called to a robbery where Scudder and Dillon are involved. Jesse tags along to fight the two metas but it doesn’t end well for Barry, as he is trapped in a mirror by Scudder before escaping.

While attempting to free Barry from the mirror using a cryogenic engine without success, we see that Caitlin uses her Meta powers to freeze the mirror long enough for Barry to escape without the knowledge of the rest of the gang. By the end of the episode, Harry informs Cisco that the cryogenic engine was indeed broken and that someone else was able to free Barry. We the see Caitlin at her home exhibiting some more familiar aspects of her abilities, causing her hair to turn white and slowly changing her appearance.

Harry thinks it’s time to go back to Earth 2 as he believes there’s still work to be done on his own Earth let alone the gangs. The team protest this decision until Harry comes up with an alternative which intrigues the team. Search the multiverse for another “Harrison Wells”. The team are able to find four suitable replacements who are able solve Harry’s equation, (all played wonderfully by Cavanagh himself). However Harry suddenly becomes reluctant for one of these other “Harrison Wells” to come to work with the team.

This episode was all non-stop fun and I definitely think it was the strongest of the season so far.

Episode score: 9/10

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Later Peeps!!!


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