Arrow Season 5, Episode 4 Review: “Penance”



Another one of those episodes where the dynamic of the team is excellent, but unfortunately fails to deliver once again on the plot. It seems as though this is the problem for the season so far.

The episode begins with a simple Team Arrow mission of recovering a briefcase belonging to Kord Industries, but it almost fails for the “recruits” as Wild Dog gets impatient and Mr T gets a beating. It seems as though Ollie is attempting to get the new team to be able to work together.

So, Rory aka Ragman, has decided that he wants to leave the team, as he tells Ollie that seeing Felicity is a constant reminder of what happened to his home and family. Seriously, I’m sick of the Felicity melodrama. Why does she have to cry every time that she is speaking about Havenrock?

Meanwhile, Lyla and Ollie are going on a rescue mission to rescue John, which for obvious reasons, Felicity does not approve of. Ollie tells her that she shouldn’t be worried about what he is doing and should be focusing on getting through to Rory. This leads Felicity to sending the newbies out to try and stop Oliver from doing this, which ends with them taking a hit.

Oliver and Lyla are able to break John out after a few minor hiccups at the Prison where he is being held. At first, John is reluctant, but Oliver convinces him, telling him that they are brothers and that he is not being left behind. I’m looking forward to how John will cope with the new Team.

Deputy Mayor Lance and DA Adrian Chase are ensuring that the retrieved briefcase doesn’t fall into the hands of Tobias Church. This doesn’t go as plan as the briefcase was rigged and therefore Church is able to blow up the storage at the Anti-Crime Unit and steal the firearms and explosives kept in the warehouse.

I still don’t get what Tobias Church is doing, especially the way he acts. I think the only reason that he is there is for Oliver and the cops to deal with, before he is captured or is killed by Prometheus in the near future (hopefully the latter).

Team Arrow, joined again by Ragman goes out to rescue the people in the warehouse. Unfortunately, this does not end well, as it ends with a brief altercation between Church and Wild Dog, with the latter being captured.

The Flashbacks don’t really integrate into the story of the episode other than being able to see Oliver slowly become the Oliver of Season 1.

The episode, as a whole was okay. The team as I see it will eventually be able to work together for sure. The plot needs to be tightened, and there really needs to be less focus on Felicity’s guilt because it just takes me out of it, as does every time Church shows up.

Episode Score: 6.5/10

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Later, peeps!!!


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