The Flash Season 3, Episode 5 Review: “Monster”

In this episode, we really start to learn a bit about Caitlin Snows history as she seeks her mother’s help so that she can understand her meta-powers. We start to explore Julian Albert and why he dislikes meta-humans so much and we learn about HR’s plan on Earth-1.

Caitlin seeks her mother’s help with her meta-powers and it seems that her mother is more interested in her work then she is with her daughter. We also get to see the relationship between Caitlin and her mother and find out that her mother became this way after her husband got sick and died and stopped being a mother to Caitlin.

Things don’t get better for Caitlin as she later finds trouble with her mother’s assistant who is tired of being in the shadow of his boss and demands that Caitlin stay so that he can study her. This doesn’t go well for him as Caitlin accidently uses her powers to injure him.

We are alluded to the possibility that Killer Frost may be an alter-ego of Caitlin Snow as we saw her eyes glow white and her voice change when she hurt the assistant (This would fit into one of the themes of the season as it has something to do with the “other side”, as Dr Alchemy brings out another side of the meta-humans that he recruits”). We also learn from Caitlin’s mother that, the more that Caitlin uses her powers the harder it will be to reverse. It would be fascinating, if what turns Caitlin is Dr Alchemy. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

We also get some insight into Julian’s motivation as we learn that he lost a parent to meta-humans, that he became a CSI to prove himself to his family and that he feels that the meta-humans that use their powers for evil are just wasting their abilities (I feel this could be another hint to the theory of Julian being Alchemy).

Meanwhile, back at Star Labs we learn that Harrison “HR” Wells is a fraud and is anything but a genius and that it was his assistant that told him to go to Earth-1. He tells the team that, he basically took the opportunity, so that he can prove that he can do something and is also writing a book to document his findings on Earth-1.

As for the episodes villain, it was basically a bullied 15 year old boy who used a hologram monster to scare the city, so that other people knew how he felt all the time.

Overall, the episode was an enjoyable one. It was mostly a set-up for Caitlin’s story for the season and how we may see Killer Frost be born.

Episode score: 7/10

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Later, peeps!!!


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