The Flash Season 3, Episode 8 Review: “Invasion!”, 4 part crossover part 1

It’s the crossover that we’ve all been waiting for. Our heroes come together in what is sure to be an epic event, and sure enough it started off with a bang.

The episode begins at STAR Labs where the team are once again testing Wally’s speed. Wally wants to join Barry’s fight against Alchemy and Savitar but, Iris and Joe are against it. Wally and HR team up to train him, as Wally feels neglected and wants to help the team out.

An alert of a meteor has Barry investigating where it turns out not a meteor, but an alien ship. Lyla is called to investigate and reveals that the Aliens have come before and it’s not the first time that they’ve been to Earth. The Dominators came to Earth in the 50’s and battled the US Army, who were no match and, it is revealed that ARGUS had been monitoring the skies in case they ever came back. Barry concludes that they need help and proceeds to enlist the help of Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow.

Once Team Flash and Team Arrow unite, the Legends team arrive to help thanks to a distress call sent out across the time stream. Barry and Cisco proceeds to “Earth-38”, to enlist the help of Kara Danvers aka Supergirl.

While the other teams are training with Supergirl, Martin and Jefferson reveal the message from Future Barry to Oliver and Barry (Future Barry tells them of the war that is to come, which is presumably the one they’re facing, or it could be another future war that is yet to happen, and that they should not trust him). Barry reveals what he did to the timeline and wants to tell the others, but Oliver convinces him that it should wait after the Dominators are dealt with.

Martin has visions again of the mysterious girl so he asks Caitlin to accompany him to his home. Martin is shocked to find that in this Post-Flashpoint timeline, he had a daughter. Cisco finds the message and forces Barry (because he’s still upset), to tell everyone what happened and the changes that were made. When the team get a call that the President has been abducted, everyone is angry at Barry, so they decide to head off without him and Oliver to fight the Dominators. It will be interesting how much of Flashpoint is explored in the other shows as there will be other events that may have been affected due to it.

When the team arrives at the Dominators hideout, the team are led into a trap where the Dominators release a beam that puts everyone under mind control. Barry and Oliver are forced to battle their friends and allies until Barry is able to trick Supergirl into destroying the beacon.

After successfully restoring their friends to their normal state, Ollie, Thea, Diggle and Sarah are suddenly beamed up into the Dominators ship, which sets up the events of the second part on Arrow.

The next episode will feature team Arrow, as well as being the 100th episode of the show, which might mean we may see some familiar faces.

Episode Score: 9/10, highly entertaining and a excellent start to what will hopefully become an annual event on The CW. The episode was able to introduce all these characters and was still able to make it feel like a Flash episode at the core.


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