DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 7: “Invasion!” 4 night crossover, part 4

So we’re finally at the conclusion of the epic DC week crossover, and it delivered on every level. The episode was able to wrap up an amazing story while having the story stay centric to the main show.

The episode continues the plot of the invasion by the Dominators, with the team needing to find a way to stop the Dominators plan of destroying the meta-humans on the Earth.

While needing a way to stop the Dominators, the legends (Nate, Amaya, and Mick) along with Cisco and Felicity travel back to 1951 in order to learn of the plan in the future. The team however are captured however, along with a rogue Dominator by the Government to be interrogated. They are rescued by Cisco and Felicity and decide to let the Dominator go.

Cisco is still angry at Barry for changing the timeline without thinking of the consequences, and holds him responsible for the death of his brother. Martin is still trying to cope with the fact that he has a daughter who should not have existed, therefore making her an aberration. In the end, he confides in Jefferson that he does not want to repair the aberration that he created and asks him not to reveal this to the team because he doesn’t want to lose her.

Back in 2016, we learn from the government that they are there because of what Barry Allen aka The Flash did to the timeline and want him to surrender or else the Dominators will release a Bomb to kill all the metas on Earth. The Dominators conclude that Barry is a threat to them because of his ability to time-travel.

Barry wants to comply with this decision, but the team won’t allow him to give himself up. Martin arrives and tells them of the device that his created that will help with the fight against the Dominators. The team engages with the Dominators and Barry and Kara aka Supergirl are able to plant the devices on the Dominators. They are successful and the Dominators retreat. The president honours the team for helping save the country and the planet and the team prepare to part ways.

Cisco tells Kara that he’s created an interdimensional extrapolator that allows her to be able to travel across universes in case she ever needs help. This will obviously be how the Supergirl/Flash crossover will be able to happen next year.

The crossover was amazing and definitely helped set up future storylines in each part. Hopefully, this is the first of many week long crossovers.

Episode score: 9.5/10

Crossover score: 10/10

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the crossover. Leave a like and comment and stay tuned for weekly reviews.


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