The Flash Season 3, Episode 9 Review: “The Present”

So, this is the Mid-season Finale for The Flash Season 3, and it gave us plenty to think about.

The episode begins with a flashback showing us how the Philosopher’s stone was discovered, along with the revelation that Julian Albert was the author of a paper on it. Barry and the team suspect that Julian may be working for Alchemy, and Barry decides to question him. Also, Julian’s full name is Julian Albert Desmond which is the alias of the original Doctor Alchemy from the comics.

Meanwhile, with no new information on the Savitar, Barry promptly travels to Earth-3, home of Jay Garrick, to seek his knowledge and assistance on the matter. While there, Barry quickly disarms the Earth-3 Trickster (Mark Hamill), and tells Garrick of Savitar, who has appeared on Earth-1. I’ve enjoyed Mark Hamills Trickster and this one was no different.

Back on Earth-1, Jay tells Barry about Savitar, the God of Motion, who was the first human to become a speedster. Barry and Jay prepare to battle Savitar and Alchemy. Savitar is able to easily subdue Jay, and Barry defeats Alchemy and unmasks him, revealing an unconscious Julian. The team finds out that Savitar’s ability to be present in the world is connected to the philosopher’s stone. Back at STAR Labs, Julian awakens and tells The Flash that he has no knowledge of being Alchemy.

Wally wants to help Barry and reveals that he has been training with HR. Joe does not approve of this, though by the end of the episode, he accepts that this is what Wally wants and the family gift him with a speed suit.

Barry asks Julian for his help in defeating Savitar, subsequently revealing his identity to him. Cisco uses a device that links the stone with Julian’s mind, so that Savitar is able to communicate with the team. He tells them that the future Barry Allen was responsible for trapping him in the speed force and that he knows the secrets and destinies of everyone.

While thinking of a way to destroy the stone, in order to trap Savitar, Jay suggests that they throw it into the Speed Force, where there is time and space. Although they are successful in doing so, Barry is thrown into the near future, something that he has never done before. While there, he witnesses the death of Iris in the hands of Savitar. Jay brings him back to the present and points out that, time is fluid and what he saw was just one of millions of possibilities, shaped by every choice that is made.

Barry realises that, the change to the newspaper article from the future that was written by Iris West-Allen in one future and now will be written by another is because of her death. Barry is determined to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Not knowing what the future holds, Barry buys an apartment as a gift to Iris, to ensure that he is with her as much as possible.

Overall, this was an excellent way to cap off the first half of the season. It gave us plenty of answers, as well as had us asking more questions. It will be interesting what role Julian will play in the latter half of the season (will he still be summoned as Savitar’s servant?) as well as how Savitar will return, which is most likely going to happen.

Episode Score: 8.5/10

What did you guys think? Leave a comment blow and stay tuned for more reviews. Later, Peeps!!


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