Arrow Season 5, Episode 9 Review: “What We Leave Behind”

This is probably one of the best episodes of Arrow Season 5, and it can be argued that is one of the best in the series.

The episode begins with Prometheus meeting with Evelyn, who gives him information on team Arrow. We learn that Prometheus knows the identity of everyone on team Arrow, and is going to make Ollie suffer by going after them one by one. Prometheus proceeds to attack Curtis at the City Hall Christmas party.

After Curtis is attacked, Oliver realises that Prometheus is somehow connected with his past when he learns that Curtis was injected with Dycloserol. In the flashbacks, Oliver confronts a man named Justin Claybourne who was selling the drug at high prices that it was not available for the lower class citizens.  The team find out that Justin Claybourne was killed by the hood and that the plant he owned had recently been operational.  Oliver and the team go there with the presumed knowledge that he is still alive.

While at the plant, Oliver and Prometheus battle and Evelyn reveals that she’s been working with Prometheus to save the city from Ollie.  I wonder how she will be used in the rest of the season. It is possible that she will turn back and that Prometheus may kill her.

Meanwhile, Detective Billy Malone is also looking for clues connecting Prometheus with the Claybourne case, although Felicity tells him that the Green Arrow already went to the plant. This doesn’t stop him from going to the plant himself to investigate, which ends with him being abducted by Prometheus. He sends a picture of a baby to Felicity, hoping that she can help identify him. Oliver and the team find out that the child in the picture is of his son, which could make him Prometheus and is avenging his father’s death.

Another flashback shows Ollie going to Felicity for help in locating the building of the company that Claybourne was working with. Oliver realises this and proceeds to the building where he killed Claybourne.

Through a series of quick flashbacks we are shown how Prometheus has recreated the events that led to his father’s death. Ollie sees the same trail of bodies left by Prometheus is the same as what the Hood did. In a confrontation with Prometheus, he tells Oliver that his crusade is more than revenge and that he wants to make him suffer.

In the fight, Prometheus and Oliver fall from the rooftop, and Ollie manages to get into one of the rooms below. Prometheus confronts Oliver, who shoots three arrows into his chest. Oliver is horrified when he realises that the man in the mask is was Billy Malone, who was duct taped and that Prometheus staged his death knowing that Oliver was on a shoot to kill mission.

When Oliver tells the team, he wants them to leave otherwise they would get hurt. Diggle is lured to the safe house, where he is arrested. The final scene of the episode shows Ollie going back to the Arrow Cave, when he is greeted by Laurel Lance, alive and well.

Episode Score: 9.5/10, compelling, with great action and a cliff-hanger to make us wait another 7 weeks.

What did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments. Later, Peeps!!


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